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Karissa is one of the most wonderful speech language pathologists! I have had the pleasure of working along side her and she has so much to offer. She will be in tune with your child and allow them to grow in every direction. Not enough wonderful words to use!

Allie Steele (Occupational Therapist)

Mrs. Gussmann is truly exceptional! As a parent, I feel like she cares personally about my son’s interests and meets him exactly where he is while helping him grow. Also, Mrs. Gussmann always has time to address all my questions and give me much needed guidance. She is really thoughtful about any steps or actions she suggests. We feel very blessed that we had the chance to work her.

Swati Divvela (Parent)

I have known Karissa Gussman for several years. She has been the speech pathologist for both our son and daughter. She has worked with our kids both in person and virtually. The character traits that she has revealed throughout the years are patience, determination, kindness and honesty with a twist of wistfulness and fun.


Our son enjoyed how she worked in fun board games with a group of children and practiced various sounds of speech where he struggled. He had fun at speech therapy; the time flew by as he learned skills and played a game with his friends. Our daughter tends to be more reserved; Mrs. Gussman worked on helping her overcome her fears of speaking to her peers and then integrating with others. She worked very hard to relate to each of kids and help them learn how to speak clearly, correctly with her and with their peers.


She has played an important role in helping our children learn how to be more effective and correct in their speaking. Due to her charismatic personality, she made the process of therapy fun and delightful. Mrs. Gussman can help children with their speech difficulties

Rachel Sumner (Parent)

Karissa has done a phenomenal job with our daughter’s speech therapy sessions. After feeling defeated with our daughter’s previous speech therapy journey, we were so relieved to finally see progress once Karissa entered our lives. Soon after switching over to her for sessions, my daughter’s progress skyrocketed. She was not only able to progress with words, but functional phrases to help with daily life. She brings the same energy and effort to every session no matter what. She gives helpful advice when asked and always follows up with reminding me to do what’s best for my daughter and family. She never pushes parenting advice on us which is greatly appreciated since we’ve had that in the past. If you are looking for a kind, knowledgeable, energetic and patient SLP that cares deeply for you and your family, I cannot recommend Karissa enough!!

Macy Manin (Parent)

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